‘Earthing’, Otherwise Known As Shoe-Free Frolicking, and More…

For a hermit proudly residing under a rock, this putting forth of one’s self will be a most interesting experience.  For one, there is learning to navigate and deploy social media to the greatest advantage.  But, more importantly, it is the discovery that much of what I have been doing since forever ago, is now a novel THING with a pretentious name.

Take ‘earthing’ for example.  I can’t use it without quotes because I can’t take it seriously. For those not in the exalted circle of knowledge, this concept states that when connecting to the earth, through one’s feet, there takes place a transfer of anti-oxidising free electrons which then promote health and well-being through the easing of inflammation and the reduction of free-radicals.

That should all be in quotes, methinks.

When did we evolve to a state where removing our shoes, digging our feet into the sand/grass/mud, whilst appreciating the sun and surroundings, has to be re-branded with health connotations for it to become popular?  Why must there always be an extrinsic benefit? Or is that a naïve question?

Come the spring, I want nothing more than to raze my shoe collection to the ground! (Is that a pun? If so, it is intended.)  I curb this inclination only so that I may remain prepared for when I might happen across a wasteland of broken glass, or a bed of hot coals I might need to traverse.

‘Earthing’, and other such non-concepts, is trending amongst the natural living set.  I reluctantly suppose it’s wonderful if it encourages the return to simple, pleasurable activities.  Nonetheless, I feel it also speaks to a greater disconnect if this is a practise that needs to be learned or justified in this manner.

Stick your toes in the dirt for no reason other than, because it feels bloody delightful.

Shoe-free frolicking in its natural habitat.


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