Botanical Butchery and the Birth of a Cocktail

Regardez l'effervescence ! That is French for look at this fizzy, bubbly thing.  LOOK. AT. IT. While you're looking, envision the proper drinking vessel, as well the artfully arranged citrus curls I created during an activity I call, channel-knifing.
Regardez l’effervescence !
(That is French for look at this fizzy, bubbly,  magical thing I made.)
While you’re looking, envision the proper drinking vessel, as well the artfully arranged citrus curls I created,
during an activity I call channel-knifing, and then unthinkingly tossed in the trash.
I tried to redeem myself with the addition of kumquats.

It’s been rather chilly here, in NY, since I bottled the wild sodas/cordials, featured last week.   So much so, that I’ve left the lot of them on the deck to ferment further, in hopes of gaining some serious fizz factor.   I checked my babies this morning, and they are the epitome of bubbling brilliance, clinquant carbonation, effulgent effervescence…Stop me, please.  I still feel the childish wonder and glee in creating something that froths and flows like the finest champagne…or at least a shaken champagne.  In processing these victorious emotions, there may have taken place a completely uncoordinated celebratory lap around the deck.  I’ll deny everything to the bitter end.

I have been impatiently waiting to experiment with both the cordials, and the most wonderful gift I received on my first trip to Vermont; a bottle of Barr Hill Gin by Caledonia Spirits.  From the first taste, on the rocks, my brain began churning with all the possibilities, and how best to highlight the smooth finish of juniper berry and raw honey.  Fear not. This bottle will be making other appearances throughout the summer.

I retrieved the glorious gin from the freezer, grabbed a bottle of the Grapefruit Mugwort situation, and started formulating.  Originally, it was to be along the lines of a gin fizz, with the addition of sparkling mineral water.  However,  while pouring the cordial I was so entranced that I plumb forgot about the Pellegrino, and ended up with a bastardised gimlet.   I topped off the glass with the gin, Meyer lemon juice, a few ice cubes and gave it a stir. If you can’t find Meyer lemons, then there’s really no reason to go on, is there?  I’m serious.  On the list of life goals now appears the note: Manipulate mail-order bride service to marry man with Meyer lemon orchard.  I’m still serious.

Or is that seriously tipsy?  In not measuring anything, and omitting the mineral water, I later realised I had added upwards of 2 – 2.5 ounces of gin to my glass. I REGRET NOTHING.  While I sipped this lovely libation, I unleashed my inner-nerd, which sounds likes innard(s) if you say it too fast, to explore the potential names for this newly minted mixed drink. I’ll provide the roundabout measurements for both versions, but, as with everything, I feel like it should be to one’s taste.

Gimlet vulgaris (spp. citrus x paradisii)*
In an 8-ounce glass:

4 ounces, Grapefruit Mugwort cordial/soda (Citrus x paradisii, Artemisia vulgaris)
2 ounces, Barr Hill Gin
Meyer lemon juice
citrus slices and leaves of mugwort, for garnish

*Parts of botanical terms smashed together, make for an offence against taxonomy.  Translation: This is NOT a thing, but I promised you a glimpse of my in(ner)nerds.

Gin Fizzlet
In an 8-ounce glass:

3 ounces, Grapefruit Mugwort cordial/soda
2 ounces, sparkling mineral water (I’m a fan of Pellegrino)
1 ounce, Barr Hill Gin
Meyer lemon juice
citrus slices and leaves of mugwort, for garnish

For both recipes, combine the first three ingredients and stir gently so as not lose the bubbles.  Top with ice, garnish as desired.


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  1. Marie says:

    Effing brilliant, woman.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, kindly. It means a lot coming from the likes of you.


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