Top Secret – Do Not Read

You couldn’t resist, could you?

My mother calls me Cinderella (I used to eat newspapers), or Sam/Samantha (no clue). My sister calls me Tsunami and Slim Shady; due to the force of my winning personality? Let’s go with that.  I would tell you my favourite colour but that infringes upon my trust issues.

I want to know all the things, and my greatest regret, in that regard, is that I will never be able to read every book ever conceived. I impatiently await the day when I can mind-meld with the Internet. Until then, I have to make do with learning the old-fashioned way.  The hope is that some of this knowledge will coalesce into a livelihood that resonates with the person I am continuously becoming, while embracing my Pakistani roots.

Méli-mélo is French for mishmash. To that end, this blog is meant to address the journey across my various interests.  To list a small fraction: gastronomy, mixology, DIY/art, herbalism, foraging, and aromatherapy.  In other words I like to cook, eat, drink, and smell good things, while I make stuff (to wear), or dig through the woods for free food. As a bonus, I can offer you the occasional meandering thought that pertains to none of those things. All of it is bound to be pure and profound gold…

Welcome to…whatever this is!


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